Vurve Salon

A salon design revolution from the mundane white minimalism to the prevailing quirky barber shop trend.


Designed for a brand whose requirement was a salon that welcomes and unwinds the customers, led to a warm and earthy design that appeals to all. Locally available materials are employed to reduce the energy consumption, thus promoting a sustainable environment.

An attempt has been made to create a holistic experience for the users, through intricately planned design interventions. Distinctive forms and materials have been employed to disrupt monotonous and traditional practices. The integration of efficient configuration and exquisite interior aesthetics can be seen across all the designs.The Red door is a signature facet used in all Vurve salons; the iconic "Red" door has become a symbol of Vurve's quirky nature and is an element of curiosity for the spectator.

With a design vocabulary that embodies the warm and vibrant persona of the owner, the Vurve series is curated as an epitome of salon revolution in South India. The multi-faceted design strategy of the salon series has won accolades for its versatility and

Kilpauk, Chennai