The Belaire

The manifestation of a minimal and elevated lifestyle


Designed as a simple, yet contemporary apartment for a family of four, this home in Gurgaon encompasses an elevated clutter-free lifestyle for the people living within. With their sensibilities rooted in the city of Chandigarh, the young couple and their children appreciated Le Corbusier's classic architectural style and wanted it to be incorporated in the interior aesthetics, while including a reflection  of their own personality. The 3200 sq. ft. residence is a true manifestation of modern architecture that Corbusier pioneered, which the family can call their own. 


Fixated with the idea of exposed brick walls, the clients envisioned a rustic theme for the house. Two of the existing walls in the drawing-room were stripped down to their bare finish, exposing the brick masonry which was then painted white to brighten the space and make it look commodious. 


With an aim to contain the spaces and endow them with a warm and cosy vibe without disturbing the openness, the drawing and dining areas are open,  airy and flooded with natural light. In order to partially separate the drawing-room from the dining and yet retain the visual connectivity, a set of perforated wooden structures has been introduced. A series of vertical wooden fins on one side, complemented by a see-through shelf in a chequered pattern on the other, sweeps across the horizontal expanse segregating the two spaces. The custom-designed partition instils a dynamic play and adds elegance to the hefty space. To ensure a sense of privacy and create a distinction from the hallway, so that the children wouldn't get disturbed when guests were being entertained, the wall separating the hallway and the drawing room has been punctured, and glass partitions have been installed in the voids to let the light from the living area percolate into the previously dark and dingy hallway. The wall is adorned with green wallpaper, split up in vertical sections by strips of brass extending through the height, adding a touch of luxury to the living room's otherwise minimalist setup. 


To further accentuate the hallway, a full-height running bookshelf has been fitted to the wall to create a journey as one moves through the passage. Bedecked with artwork, sculptures and books, the shelf multitasks as both storage space and a mini art gallery. Transforming the hallway from dull and drab into a rich and lively experience, the shelf becomes an integral part of the house. 


Framed artwork pieces of varying sizes adorn the different walls of the apartment, complementing the design themes used in the spaces and adding a pop of colour to the walls. A range of visually appealing lighting fixtures; fixed and hanging, lend a majestic look to the rooms. Planters and artistically designed vases placed at nooks and corners, bring nature indoors.


Vibrant and colourful hues in the furniture paired with a muted backdrop set the tone for the semi-private areas, while the bedrooms are more personal and tailored for the user with brightly coloured walls. The modern apartment reinforces simplistic and minimalistic living by harnessing the power of natural materials and light.