Textured paint walls, exposed brick and stone are the all-pervasive trio of this New Delhi home.


The four-storeys of this eclectic gated residence is shared by two brothers and their families, with a mix of independent floors (first and second floor) and a duplex unit (third and fourth floor). An east-facing plot, with a common wall in North and other three sides allowing ventilation has unhindered green vistas around the house. The tall Ashoka trees in front hugs the house, while offering a soothing view and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoors.

A peculiar requirement from the client was that they didn’t want the exterior of all floors to look similar. To achieve this, a material palette of brick tiles, uncut Delhi quartz and textured paint was created. These materials were used in different patterns to show different areas of the house forming an earthy abstract facade. The entire house was a challenge, to fit different requirements of the client in a house which successfully houses five families. Each space of the house is planned and curated according to Vaastu Shastra principle with ample natural light and ventilation in every section of the house.