Cafe Kode, Delhi

Embedded with elements that are modern, vibrant and quirky, Café Kode entices the urban crowd of Delhi.

Carpet Area
700 Sqft.


Nestled in the university area of Delhi, the idea was to make a haunt for students and youngsters alike, hosting karaoke nights and jam afternoons.The café is a minimal enclosure with a simple rectangular layout in which the interior palette takes the main stage to define the design language of the space. Each element of the design is predominantly projected to curate a strong visual impact. While the brick walls and wooden floor become the canvas, the abstract finned ceiling endures the visual symphony. Adding to the vibrance, the
colourful ambient lighting enables a quirky and exciting vibe to the café.

The design distinctly explores the possibilities of architecture despite the limitations of layout and area. The interiors are strategized to distinguish and define the functionality of spaces.