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Ansal Villas, Chattarpur

House with a hidden courtyard


This charming three-storey house fulfils the client’s desire to connect with nature

A design that is contextual, instantly lends the built structure a unique character that responds to the unique and specific site conditions. Such is the case with this small family home that is nestled between sprawling farmhouses in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Considering the context as well the site constraints, the house is designed to offer complete justice to its surroundings, while simultaneously adhering to a crisp client brief— “a house that is surrounded by a green footprint.

With an aim to provide a compact house for a family of four, the house is oriented as per the geometry of the plot. With the requirements set by the client, it is positioned to divide the plot between an entrance court and a private lawn.

The entrance, paved with concrete, leads one to the entertainment area in the basement that can be accessed by an external staircase, where the formal area of the house is located. As one proceeds, further along, a few steps transition uninhibitedly into an entrance foyer, into a double-height space that is finished with steel and wood,  scaling the height of the structure and giving it a sense of freshness.

The spaces are planned according to the Vaastu requirements set by the client.. The double-height staircase lobby-cum-lounge seamlessly connects to the dining room that subsequently opens up into amphitheatre- style steps which lead to the private lawn of the house. Greenery and stone finish rule the serene and soothing backyard with a small outdoor seating arrangement. The dining room is an expansive space overlooking the garden. To the right, the lounge room connects with the guest bedrooms, adjacent to which lies the other bedroom. The first floor houses the master bedroom with terrace wrapping around it and also allows space for future expansion.

With a reasonably tight budget, the material palette is kept minimal, that explains the pared-back aesthetic of the house. Externally, the structure is treated with simple white external paint, stone finish and green pockets. Internally, the openness of the house and simple finishes offer a sedate and modern look.

A visit to Ansal Villas is like a walk in the park. A house that proves minimalism, green vistas and white hues are all you need to design a timeless abode. Nestled inside a plot of land enveloped by greenery, this charming modern farmhouse is a perfect getaway from the perils of city life.