34, Shri Ram Road

This hybrid structure is designed as per the principles of sustainability with a sedate material palette.


This discreet 20,000 square feet, four-storey Delhi residence, owned by families of two brothers, rests on an east-facing corner plot with roads running on the north and east side. Facing the water body under the porch, the main entrance is common and double-height to carry an antique three-decked Murano glass chandelier, which has been with the family for ages. The office block is made complementing the existing Ashoka trees with internal courtyards effectively cutting off any cacophony from the exterior.

Split into two dwelling units, the former drawing room, guest room, and the guest bathroom was retained the way it was. The courtyard, kitchen, and master bedrooms were redesigned and a hybrid structure was engineered. Indoor-outdoor areas, art deco style staircase, dainty water feature and a luxury vibe dictate the design of this home.

The material used on the exterior of the house has been deliberately kept sedate. A combination of sandblasted Gwalior stone with textured off-white paint allows for a modern yet classy look to the entire façade.